previous projects

A selection of awesome business owners that trusted me to improve their businesses!

Best Website Branding Female Entrepreneur

Custom’ Bricol’

Creation of the new branding of Custom’ Bricol’ and WordPress website for the blog.
Migration of all the articles and development of e-commerce store with Tictail.

Development of print materials like visit cards for the founder and blogger Cécile Bonnet.

Branding and Web Design

Small little love notes from clients

"Carla was such a joy to work with: so professional, so caring and very switched on. She made my website shine and really captured in my message!"

Greer Alexandra, Writer and Entrepreneur

"Migration, WordPress Theme Creation, Ergonomy, Visuals, Logo Design, E-Commerce Store, Newsletter Template... (...) Working with her is a pleasure!"

Cécile Bonnet, Business, Money and Wealth Coach

The Wicked Society

Development of the branding, creation of the social media images templates and dressing of the Zazzle store.

Graphic Design of the various images to integrate within various products.

Branding and Product Design

Small little love notes from clients

"I love your sidekick persona!"

Judith Stephens, Business, Money and Wealth Coach

"Carla transformed my business in a way I could never have dreamed of!"

Jennifer Reid, E-commerce Strategist

InstantBoss Club

Improvement of the organization on the Home Page of the website

Personal Concept/Project

InstantBoss Concept

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